changing the conversation about mental health

we are

A student-led initiative for better health and wellness, stress relief, and health education

Students who use peer-to-peer outreach for health advocacy and education with a focus on mental health

A liaison between students and the administration/mental health community

A national organization founded in 2001 with 200+ chapters worldwide

A 5-star chapter for two consecutive years

A resource for you, by you

our mission

To utilize peer outreach (“the student voice”) to increase students’ awareness of issues of mental health, symptoms of mental illness, and available resources for seeking help

To serve as liaison between students and the administration/mental health community, and become the major point of reference for mental illness and promotion of good mental health

our vision

To de-stigmatize mental illness by promoting an open, enlightened discussion of mental health issues, and to create a better life for all who suffer

To capitalize on the energy and dedication of young adults in the fight against the stigma that surrounds mental illness

To educate, enlighten, and empower all young adults to ensure their own mental health before it ever reaches a tragic stage


Discuss…encourage discussion about mental health issues

Educate…students about signs, symptoms and prevalence of mental illness, and available resources

Expose…students to other people who have experienced mental illness, especially young adults who have been successful while living with a mental illness

Plan campus-friendly events…that reach as many members of the campus community as possible


Tarun Kamath

Position: President

Course: Brain and Cognitive Sciences + BME Minor

Year: 2020

Residence: ZBT

Fun Fact: I can recite the alphabet as quickly backwards as the same speed as I can forward!

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